Social Studies

At Hyde Academy, Social Studies is at the heart of our curriculum. These courses focus on reading, writing, oral communication, and vocabulary acquisition within the context of history, current events, and geography, and teachers in our other core subjects: ELA, CLA, Science, Mathematics, Arts, and P.E. work closely with the social studies team to integrate themes into students’ work each week.

Exposure to these topics – even at the beginning level – is essential to retaining student interest and ensuring that Hyde Academy students have an understanding of the relationship between individuals and society in the past, present, and future.

The content varies by grade, and the intensity and depth of the program varies by level. These courses are offered to all students at Hyde Academy in either Mandarin, English, or both.

Regardless of the grade or level of study, Hyde Academy Social Studies teachers provide a hands-on, interactive approach to learning. Students are challenged to explore history, current events, and geography through project-based work that serves both to engage the students and to ensure that key concepts are mastered.

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