Our Signature Programs

At Hyde Academy, our signature programs provide opportunities for students to engage actively – applying what they have learned throughout the core curriculum.

  • Public Speaking Program

Beginning in grade three, our public speaking program is designed to develop effective communicators and confident, independent leaders. Students learn to write and present their own speeches in front of an audience providing them with valuable life-long skills.

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Studies

This set of courses is open to students in grade six and above and incorporates aspects of technology, business studies, financial math, and design. Students will learn how to take an idea from conception to reality as they plan and create marketable products.

  • Forest School

Our Forest school courses take place off-campus at Hyde Forest, a 150-mu environment where students engage in hands-on innovative learning that encourages critical thinking, creativity, and communication.

  • Social and Environmental Responsibility Program

Gratitude is at this heart of this program. Our students understand not just the power of raising funds for a cause but also the power of committing to a cause with time and effort when needed.

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