Math & Science Curricula


We have designed a comprehensive mathematics program at Hyde Academy that engages students at all grades and levels in the study of the language and content of mathematics. Effort has been made to ensure that content is sufficiently high to challenge learners while at the same time making certain that the language of the subject is mastered.

In grades 1 through 5, Chinese math takes precedence both to ensure a solid understanding of the foundations of mathematics and to strengthen the accuracy and efficiency with which students complete their work.

In grades 6 and above, students are taught mathematics in English, but the direction and level of the course meets the expectations of the Chinese national curriculum in mathematics.

A highlight of the math program, beginning in grade 3, is Experimental Math. This class runs once each week, and all students (Level A, Level B, and LFP) join together to work as teams to solve increasingly challenging math problems. This opportunity encourages critical thinking skills, real life understanding of mathematics, and leadership skills.

As with our other programs, Hyde Academy math teachers at all levels engage students with hands-on, interactive lessons that encourage them to think about the content in ways they may never have before while simultaneously ensuring that core skills and concepts are mastered and memorized (if needed!). Once again, at Hyde Academy, we know that students can succeed in any subject area if they are provided a strong foundation from which to explore new concepts.


Students, from reception onward, are engaged in the study of science through interactive learning that involves all of our other subject areas.

In grades 1 and 2, classes are taught exclusively in Mandarin, and in grades 3 – 4, students are introduced to science in English alongside their Chinese science classes. By grade 5, all science classes are taught in English, but through our unique integrated curriculum, students in middle and high school are still given opportunities, in CLA classes, to explore themes learned in science.

At Hyde Academy, our goal is for students to be introduced to the core skills within the three branches of science: physics, chemistry, and biology while experimenting with concepts and learning how to ‘fail.’

Working with peers and teachers, students are encouraged to think about what ‘went wrong’ and what can be done to ‘fix the problem’ using critical thinking and creativity.

This resilience a critical factor in acceptance to both boarding school and university – especially at top schools – and it makes for a much more inspiring and engaging learning environment.


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