Arts & Athletics

Arts and athletics at Hyde Academy integrate the themes covered in our academic programs while engaging students in creative team-building activities.

Arts (Music, Drama, Photography, and Fine Arts)

The arts program at Hyde Academy plays an integral role in the health and well being of our students. It is an area in which all students have opportunities to excel and develop confidence and thus it is at the heart of our mission to empower students.

We are thrilled to have trained artists teaching all of our art programs. These artists are actively creating their own work in music, photography, and fine arts, and they bring that depth of understanding into the classroom. As with our Athletics program, students work on a range of skills and hone their knowledge of the arts while at the same time having opportunities to create individually and as a team.

Performances and exhibitions are essential components to the Hyde Academy arts program, and fulfill the 3rd phase in our teaching methodology – application. As students select pieces for performance or exhibition, they reflect on the choices and are asked to articulate their thoughts. This becomes increasingly complex as the students move to higher grades, but even at the younger ages, we believe students are fully capable of expressing their connection to the works they exhibit or perform, and we encourage them to do so.


Our athletic program is designed to develop physical strength, stamina, and focus while enhancing students’ leadership and teamwork skills. As an added benefit, our second language learners are engaged in language building activities outside of the classroom with our coaches.

We focus on the proper skills and methods related to physical body movements while at the same time making connections to the English terms associated with those skills and fundamentals.

Students’ skills and knowledge are regularly tested so that we can be sure they have mastered the expectations at each level. Of course, certain skills and drills are repeated throughout their school career as they build their endurance and fine-tune their sports’ knowledge.

In addition to the skills and drills activities at Hyde Academy, students participate in team sports, such as basketball and football regularly as these offer excellent opportunities to strengthen students’ confidence through team work and leadership roles.

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