Jennifer Sachs

_L3A7230Jennifer Sachs, Administrative Principal

Jennifer is an American with over 27 years’ experience in the field of education in Beijing. A fluent Mandarin speaker, she has an undergraduate degree from Goucher College in English Language and Literature with Honors and post-graduate certification in Montessori Elementary Education. In addition to her extensive teaching experience, Jennifer has personally consulted with hundreds of families on their educational plans, academic needs, and long-term options for schooling locally and internationally.

As the mother of three American-Chinese sons, Jennifer has a great appreciation for the concerns of parents as they navigate the international school waters and try to find the best fit for their children in China and abroad. As part of this process, she has visited more than 65 boarding schools in the U.S. as well as international, bilingual, and local Chinese schools across China to better understand how local Chinese students engage and learn in western educational environments.

In addition, Jennifer has been a frequent contributor to publications and at events across China, sharing her expertise in the field of English language acquisition and the process of overseas school admission for Chinese students. Her book, Ten Steps to American Boarding School Acceptanceis slotted for publication in China in early 2019.

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