Jessie Jiang

21Jessie Jiang, Chinese Program Coordinator

Jessie brings with her years of teaching experience; She previously taught the IB program as a senior teacher at Beijing World Youth Academy (BWYA), and subsequently managed the Chinese Program, and oversaw the middle school program as Head of Department at the Canadian International School of Beijing (CISB).

At Hyde Academy, part of Jessie’s focus will be on teaching students traditional Chinese characters while connecting this learning to an in-depth understanding of Chinese history and culture. She will also be cultivating students’ reading habits and encouraging a lifelong love for reading. Throughout her classes Jessie will share ancient Chinese stories and discuss the wisdom imparted by these tales with her students.

In her spare time, Jessie is a volunteer for several organisations. She also likes to study, further her own learning, and continually explore new methods of teaching that will help to enhance students’ learning experience.

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