Educational Philosophy

Communication, creativity, and critical thinking are at the core of our educational philosophy.

In creating our courses and delivering content, our focus is on the ways in which our lessons are developing these three abilities. Students are actively engaged in debate and discussion across the curriculum, and they are encouraged to question what they are learning and why.

The Benefits of Disconnecting

We recognize the benefits of advanced technology, and it certainly has its place at Hyde Academy, but not in the day-to-day learning environment. We encourage our students to recognize their relationship to technology and appreciate the importance of disconnecting.

In order to inspire the students to talk face-to-face, and become true creators – rather than consumers – we have made the conscious decision to be a low-tech school. By reducing the time spent on technology, our students are able to engage in group activities, sharing and working with others in their community.

Becoming Independent Learners

Students who are led up the ladder of learning by parents and teachers often fall down when left to their own devices. At Hyde Academy, we know that our students will need strong study and time management skills to handle the challenges of boarding school overseas.

Beginning in primary school, we encourage independent learning and challenge parents to allow students to learn how to fail so that they can get back up again and ultimately succeed.

Bringing Adolescents Real Knowledge (BARK)

At Hyde Academy, we lessons should be both engaging and practical. Courses should provide students with the skills needed to be successful long after they leave school. Our unique signature programs – Public Speaking, Forest School, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Social and Environmental Responsibility – do just that.

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