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Hyde Academy focuses on excellence in core subjects. Our unique and comprehensive bilingual approach to education has been specifically designed to benefit learners with a range of language levels. We are especially proud of our STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) program, which engages students at all grades and levels using a range of hands-on, interactive lessons. Our experienced educators and management team have spent decades in Beijing working with parents, children, and schools, and with this academic knowledge and cultural understanding, our team is uniquely qualified to launch an innovative school that blends the best of east and west. We invite you to call us to arrange a visit.

海德京华国际双语学校着重核心学科教育,中英双语递进式教育方法适用于不同语言水平学生。海德京华国际双语学校希望吸引更多具有较强学习能力和求知欲的学生, 因此, 我们并不把重点放在考核生源的语言(第二外语)能力上。学校以STEM(科学,技术,工程,数学)课程引以为豪,该课程以互动式方法激励学生动手学习各领域新知识。海德京华团队管理者和老师拥有数十年丰富的教学管理经验。他们在北京与众多教师、家长沟通交流,并走访不同的学校后, 设计出一整套融合了中西方教学精华的成功教学模式。 

English/Chinese Language Focus Program (ELFP/CLFP) 

Because Hyde Academy seeks students who are academically strong and intellectually curious, we do not focus our concern on language ability. If a student is accepted into Hyde Academy with minimal English or Chinese, the first one to two semesters will be spent in a Language Focus Program during which the emphasis is on developing core vocabulary and communication skills that will allow the student to engage in mainstream academic classes. Students still engage in homeroom, lunch, PE, music, art, recess and ASAs with their peers, and often, their greatest successes come during these social periods. 

英文语言强化课程 (ELFP) 与中文语言强化课程 (CLFP) 

海德京华国际双语学校希望吸引更多具有较强学习能力和求知欲的学生,因此,我们并不 把重点放在考核生源的语言(第二外语)能力上。英语或中文基础薄弱的学生在被录取后的第 一至第二学期会先进入语言强化班来提高核心词汇和语言沟通能力,以便之后顺利进入到主流 学术小组进行学习。我们了解社交能力的培养对学生的重要性,因此该学生仍会与同龄学生一 起进行体育,音乐,艺术,课间休息,课外兴趣活动等课程的学习,并一起享用午餐。 

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English & Chinese Language Arts (ELA/CLA) 

At Hyde, we communicate. We do this through writing, listening, speaking, and reading in both English and Mandarin. Our language programs are integrated through year-long curriculum plans that incorporates themes across all subject areas. Our objective is clear: students should see language arts as a way to engage and learn – not just as ‘another subject’ to be studied. 

英文语言艺术 (ELA) 与中文语言艺术 (CLA) 

在海德京华国际双语学校, 我们非常注重沟通, 强调学生中英文双语的运用, 通过 写作 ,听力, 口语表达以及阅读构建学生全方位的沟通能力。我们的语言课程以全年主 题贯穿的方式有机的将各个学科领域的知识融合其中, 从而达到我们的教学目标:即将语言视作获取知识的桥梁, 而不仅仅只是一门课程。 

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Social Studies 

Developing an understanding of the world around us and an appreciation of other cultures is at the core of Hyde Academy’s social studies curriculum. As Hyde students will be leaving us to go abroad, it becomes even more important that they have a solid grasp of events in history that have shaped not just China’s economy and government but those of countries across the world. 


引导学生对周边的世界有更近一步的理解并尊重 异域文化是海德京华国际双语学校社会学科的核心目 标。我们的学生将会奔赴世界各个地方,所以他们不仅需要学习中国经济和政治文化知识, 还要对世界历史与 他国文化经济有所了解。 

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We are very proud of our Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) program, which places emphasis on engaging and challenging students to think about the world around them, while still reinforcing core skills. 

我们引以为傲的STEM课程(科学, 技术,工程,数学)可以激发学生关注并思考周边的世界, 并且巩固学生的核心技能。